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Daryle Dean is a multi-instrumental musician. For over 2 decades, artists and song writers have chosen Daryle to be their one and only studio musician. Many song writers have great songs, but no band. Daryle, will pre-learn your song [ from pre-production ], then demonstrate what he proposes to play, and finally come into the studio and play all of the instruments.
The end result is a great, professionally finished song, with a lower operating cost. Only one studio musician to hire!
Utilizing the internet, Daryle can also work with studio's all over the world. Daryle has the ability to create the tracks in his own studio, and email or FTP the tracks to other studio's to "fly" Daryle's tracks into their song, without ever meeting Daryle. Is't this modern tecky world unreal!

Daryle is a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, bassist, bg vocalist, producer, engineer [ Live or in Studio ] Daryle is currently the guitarist/keyboardist in one of Vancouver's most popular casino and event bands....PLAY>LIST. He is also a former member and co-founder of Vancouver's Mid Life Krisis, and formerly the guitarist of Vancouver's Journey Tribute "Don't Stop". To check out some examples of his work, please visit the Music Examples page.

Daryle Playing Live